Networking Tips

Learning to generate “Word of Mouth” advertising through your existing contacts and identifying and cultivating new contacts to expand your prospecting base is important. There are several important components of networking that you must practice, in order to obtain optimal results:


Be clear and precise on who you are what your company does and your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What separates you from your competition.

  • Be ready with a short introduction of your business
  • Identify who your ideal prospect is

Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone:

One of the hardest things you will ever have to do is try and stay outside of your comfort zone. This will help you achieve the following:

  • Put yourself in new situations with strangers
  • Learn to have a conversation with everyone and anyone
  • Radiate enthusiasm about your services and work
  • Concentrate more on gathering information from others, instead of just talking about your products and services and yourself.

Always Give First

By taking the first initiative to ask the other person about his or her products and services and what would be the ideal referral for them puts you in the best position for future referrals and contacts. You can start the conversation by:

  • Asking what they do?
  • Set up a time to meet to discuss their business
  • What would be a good referral for them?
  • Learn what to ask for to provide a good referral for them.

Start Your Own Networking Group

The first thing that any successful executive or business person does is surround themselves with good people. You can use the same philosophy when you start your own networking group by doing the following:

  • Ask other professionals who you know are will liked and thought leaders in their field.
  • Explain the purpose of the group clearly and how it will help all involved.
  • Ask them to reach out to their contacts to refer others into the group.
  • Make a list of professions that are needed and start by fulfilling from all of your contacts.

Networking Partners

In order to be successful within your group you need to follow best practices and that includes the following:

  • Do not compete for the same money.
  • Practice the same business philosophy, service and ethics.
  • Meets the same level of contact (CFO)
  • A Team Player “Giver”
  • Willing to “Set The Stage” for each other.

Teach Colleagues How To Help You

If you are going to be a successful networker you have to make sure your colleagues understand how they can help you grow by teaching them the following:

  • Who is my perfect customer?
  • What is my Unique Selling Proposition that separates me from my competitors?
  • What should they listen for in a conversation to recognize a good contact?

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